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Your parents/students can simply connect to your own personalised store so select their leavers hoodie colour, size and other options and place the order online. Alternatively if you want to organise the collection of orders/payment then we can accept a bulk order, without the need for an online shop.

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Our advanced online ordering systems means that your entire project can be completed online. However if you have any questions about our hoodies or require help at anytime you can call our customer service team to resolve your problem.

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Our range of Leavers Hoodies

hippo hoodiesWelcome to Hippo Hoodies, UK. We hope you will enjoy browsing the many and varied designs of hoodies we have created for schools, universities and sporting teams. All of our designs are highly personalised and unique to Hippo Hoodies. The designers here at Hippo Hoodies are constantly working on new designs for this year and the next. Our innovative hoodie designs will allow each hoodie to be highly personalised using the latest in print technology.

Hippo Hoodies will have ranges of hoodies for School Leavers including primary school age children in a vast range of colours and styles. We will have a large number of hoodie designs and colours specially targeted at Year 6 leavers, with styling and sizing designed for them.

Our huge range of university hoodies, primary school hoodies and secondary school hoodie designs will amaze you. We will be using only the best quality 80% cotton AWD hoodies, printed to order in a huge range of colours and designs.

Quite simply we will have the best hoodies in the UK (and no, they’re not designed for Hippos!)