Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity?
A : Yes, we require a minimum order of 20 garments in any order. You will be unable to place a bulk order for any less than 20 garments. If you setup an online shop and receive less than 20 orders (for which payment will have been taken) you will be given the option to pay a supplement or to have each order refunded.
Q : How do I get started?
A : Follow this link to our online registration page. Once registered you will be able to setup your project through your online control panel.
Q : Can you explain your pricing?
A : We like to keep things simple at Hippo Hoodies. Our garment and print charges incorporate all other charges. We do not charge separately for creating your artwork, revisions to your artwork (which are free and unlimited). No artwork changes are permitted once you have approved artwork for printing. We do not charge for delivery.
Q : What Colours & Sizes do you offer?
A : We offer a huge range of colours, styles and sizes. The colours and sizes of all our available garments can be viewed online here.
Q : Can you explain the design process?
A : After you have setup your project (i.e. selected the type of garment, design for the back, front personalised options etc) we will create a set of artwork files for you. You will be sent emails containing links to our artwork approval system through which you can communicate any changes you would like to see and let us know when artwork is approved for printing. This is also the best way to send us the information we will need to create the design such as lists of student names and/or logo files for embriodery work. After all artwork has been approved by you the process can continue to establishing your online shop or printing off order forms for distribution (depending how you choose to run your project).
Q : What are your delivery costs and timings?
A : We make no charge for delivery, everything is built into the garment prices. We typically take two weeks from approval of artwork to dispatch of your garments. Our courier then typically delivers in under 48 hours (normally 24 hours).
Q : Can I get a sample of your garments?
A : Yes, we can send you a set of garments of various sizes so you can feel the quality of the garments and help parents choose the correct size for their child. A £40 deposit is payable and these can be ordered once you have setup your project online.
Q : What quality are your hoodies?
A : The best. All of our hoodies are minimum 80% cotton. We don’t use anything that isn’t good quality. Quality matters to us because we know it matters to you.
Q : Do you have washing instructions for your hoodies?
A : All of our garments and print are designed for the long term. However you can preserve the life of your garments by washing at 30 degrees C, inside out. They garments can be tumble dried on a low heat and we would suggest they are ironed inside out.
Q : Can I order more garments after my initial order?
A : You can make further orders BUT they will all be subject to our Minimum Order Quantity (see above). The screen printing method used does not lend itself to production of a handful of garments (there is a considerable amount of setup and washup time for screen printing, which makes printing a very small number of garments not economocally feasible).