Hoodie Prices

Our Pricing

Transparent Pricing

At Hippo Hoodies we believe in full and transparent pricing, we don’t hide our prices away like some other providers. The total cost of our service is contained within the price of the garments you purchase. Our prices are shown below, in full. Things we DO NOT make a charge for include:

  • Delivery – All orders are delivered to a single UK mainland address FREE of charge.
  • Artwork – We do not charge to set out the artwork for your leavers hoodies. We do not charge if you want to make changes, no matter how many you ask for!
  • Setup – We do not charge a separate setup charge for your order.

A note about VAT

We are a VAT registered company which means we are required to charge VAT on adult sized garments (children’s clothes, hence junior sizes are free from VAT). Our adult prices shown below include VAT @ 20%.

Base Garment
- College Hoodie£11.50£13.80
- Varsity Hoodie£12.00£14.40
- College Sweatshirt£9.00£10.80
- Zip Hoodie£13.50£16.20
- Heavy Tshirt£5.50£6.60
Printed Rear Design+£4.00+£4.80
Front Options
- Embroidered Logo+£3.00+£3.60
- Small Logo+£2.00+£2.40
- Large Logo+£2.00+£2.40
Other Options
- Nickname Sleeve+£3.00+£3.60
- Nickname Back+£3.00+£3.60
- Front Initials+£3.00+£3.60

If you choose to collect orders yourself (i.e. no online shop) then you can place a bulk order, which will entitle you to the following, per garment, discounts.

30-39 Garments£0.25£0.30
40-49 Garments£0.50£0.60
50-59 Garments£0.75£0.90
60-69 Garments£1.00£1.20
70-79 Garments£1.25£1.50
80-89 Garments£1.50£1.80
90-99 Garments£1.75£2.10
100+ Garments£2.00£2.40

Minimum Order Quantity : 25 Garments
We have a minimum order quantity of 25 garments.

Garment printing has a significant setup time and cost and so a minimum order size needs to apply. You will be unable to place a bulk order for less than 25 garments. If you setup an online shop and receive less than 25 garment orders then you can either pay a small order charge (effectively a surcharge of £5.00) for every garment short of 25 or we can refund the orders we have received.