Ordering Process

Order Your Hoodies Your Way – A choice of ordering process
At Hippo Hoodies we know that different organisations run themselves in different ways and that impacts how you might want to handle your hoodie order. We offer two alternative ways of placing an order with us.

  • The first allows you to setup your own online shop. Your students/parents can then be given a link to your shop. Each individual then orders and pays for their hoodie online directly from us. This reduces the amount of work involved and saves you needing to collect payments and collate orders.
  • Alternatively you can place a bulk order with us for your hoodies. You will need to collect orders from your participants and then place an order via our website for your bulk order. You will benefit from bulk order discounts but it is more work than setting up an online shop.

Read more about these two options below:

A.) Setup an online shop

Setup an online shop for your school, college or university

Your parents/students can simply connect to your own personalised store (create by us on our website) to select their leavers hoodie colour, size and other options and place the order online (including paying us direct).

This is the BEST solution if you do not want to collect payments from parents/students and collate orders and/or if you think your order will be close to the minimum order size (because we can’t offer any bulk discounts placed via an online shop).


B.) Place a single bulk order

If you choose to place a bulk order then you will be able to download a PDF order form which you can send out to parents. You will then need to collect order forms and payment from individual parents. Once you have received all the orders, log into your account and place a bulk order with us. This allows you to benefit from our bulk order discounts and you will be invoiced for your garments once they have been printed.

This is the BEST option if you do not mind collecting the orders yourself and wish to benefit from a bulk order discount (which can be significant for large orders).